Because I Care!

Welcome to Mr. Pangier's Digital Classroom. Before you start exploring, discovering, and learning, why don't you read what I'm all about?

While my full philosophy can by found here, the crux of my practice revolves around forming trusting relationships based on two things: caring and continuous progress. To do that, both students and teacher must be open to others' ideas, reflective, and passionate about learning and self-improvement. My classroom is a mixture of varying routines which loosely follow the Gradual Release of Responsibilities Model, providing students with numerous opportunities to grow more independent as learners throughout the course of the year.

As I am a huge proponent of whole-text learning, students will very rarely read excerpts, opting for full novels in most cases with various informative online resources to supplement student learning, along with the seminal text on literature comprehension: How to Read Literature Like a Professor. Students will use novels to explore their mind, reverse-engineering these texts to grow as readers and writers, answering specific text-centered questions to progress as thinkers and researchers, and expressing their own ideas through student-centered original creation projects. Freewriting will be done regularly to promote cognitive and writing fluency.

Language development is another key component of the class. Students will study sentence structure and word relationships through my modified University Laboratory School of Hawai'i Codify system, build their vocabulary through Vocabulary.com and my Walking Dictionary Project, and improve their punctuation and writing accuracy through NoRedInk and The Elements of Style.

By the end of the year, students will have improved tremendously in all five modalities, growing in their confidence as English communicators, just like these exemplary students have as seen in Husky Work!

Now don't delay. Get started with your learning today by exploring the ins and outs of your digital classroom. Check out the menu above!

Hard-linked, textual Inferrences

In my video, I told you many things about your class and my expectations. But life isn't always so straightforward and literal. And sometimes what you see is not always what you get. Based on what you saw and heard, what inferences can you make about what I value as a teacher? In other words, what are some of the things hidden between the lines, amidst the verses, that are key components of growing as an English communicator, analytical thinker, and critical reader? Be sure to link your inferences to actual text from the song. 

Welcome to the Digital Classroom!

Seeing as you are reading this information online, on the class website, it must be apparent to you that technology will be used in this classroom. With that in mind, it is strongly suggested that you have your own laptop. The advantages of having your own computer are as follows:

  1. It is (nearly) always available (HIS does not have computers for each student)
  2. It will be in good condition (as long as you are responsible and careful)
  3. You can modify it to your liking (adding bookmarks, changing your keyboard formatting, and adding additional software)
  4. You are able to save work to your computer (when the Wi-Fi is acting unfriendly)
  5. Your computer skills will improve dramatically (future employers will love this!)
  6. It will be required for all high school students starting next school year, anyway.

In addition to the need for computers and this digital classroom, you will also make use of online resources including but not limited to the following:

  1. Codify.JaredPangier.com
  2. NoRedInk (create a free account and join our class - the code for each level is listed in the link under "homework")
  3. WalkingDictionary.JaredPangier.com
  4. Vocabulary.com (create a free account)
  5. Google Classroom (you will be invited to join a class) - NOTE: All homework present on Google Classroom MUST be submitted via Google Classroom to receive credit