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Here you can find relevant information for freewriting, the thankful list, and smaller daily assignments. Please be sure to understand the purpose for these activities, to know my expectations, and to follow the procedures.

The Freewriting Prompts and Thankful List posting areas can all be found on your class Google Classroom.

Increase your cognitive & writing fluency!

The best way to improve your cognitive and writing fluency is to embrace the freewriting method. Don't hold on to your personal worry, as Disney once said, "Let it go!"

Your forum is divided up by class and by session, with some posts requiring direct quote connections with the current in-class text. Don't forget to smile, interact with others, and also add your in-text citations to those quotes!

Class Requirements 

Meet the below word count requirements (per post) and interact with your classmates on the forum (minimum replies should equal the number of post prompts in the current freewriting session).

All freewriting work is due at the end of the session. HIS Late Work Policy strictly enforced. L1 (turned in 1 DAY late) = 90% of grade; L3 (turned in 2 DAYS late) = 70% of grade; L5 (Turned in 3 DAYS late or more) = 50% of grade. L7 (Turned in after all other student work has been graded) = 30% of grade.

High School European Literature

  • AP/Honors - 350 words
  • Standard - 250 words 
  • Developing - 150 words

Middle School Language Arts

  • Honors - 325 words
  • Standard - 200 words
  • Developing - 100 words

Full Requirements for each freewriting/text connection prompt: 

  • You met the total word count AND posted your final word count below your completed post.
  • You used the appropriate number of direct quotes from the text to connect your ideas (AP/Honors: 3; Standard: 2; Developing: 1).*Note* this applies to all freewriting/text connection prompts ONLY - not to standalone prompts.
  • Your final number replies in the forum (in total) is equal to or greater than the final number of prompts.

The Thankful List

Be Thankful