Just War Theory – a researched argument

Just War Theory – a researched argument

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Prompt: Create your own theory, justifying war under certain circumstances, while addressing the question: Is widespread and long term peace humanly possible?

Student Examples: Visit the Just War Theory – Exemplary page.

Relevance: http://ncronline.org/news/global/vatican-host-first-ever-conference-reevaluate-just-war-theory-justifications-violence

Length Requirements: Standard: 500-1000 words; Honors: 600-850 words

Grading: 100 points in total – European Literature; 100 points in total – European History

Euro. Lit. Grading Breakdown: 50 points, based on 2X the value of the rubric found here (which is based on the Common Core Standards for G11-12): http://blogs.egusd.net/ccss/files/2013/10/EGUSD.Rubric.11th.12th.CCSS-W-1.-9-24bzzag.pdf

Plus an additional 50 points for the following:

  • Works Cited Page is complete and formatted correctly in MLA: 10 points
  • In-text Citations are formatted correctly in MLA: 10 points
  • All process work is completed and housed on your portfolio: 30 points (10 points per completed draft, including documented changes showing catalyst – e.g. peer who made the suggestion – used as a grade-saving buffer)
  • Research requirements met, both internal and external: 10 points

Euro. History Grading Breakdown: Based on the linked rubric.

Process work requirements: Three drafts with documented changes (at least three changes between each draft, for a minimum, in total, of six) based on peer review and suggestions. (I suggest creating a group of 2-3, sharing your work as you go).

Housing requirement: In addition to submitting your work via Google Classroom, you must also house your work on your digital portfolio, including all three drafts with documented explanations of the changes you made.

Research requirements:

Internal: At least three quotes from All Quiet on the Western Front used to support your theory. One of your quotes should be analyzed with reference to How to Read Literature Like a Professor.

External: Standard/Honors: At least one/three quote(s) from a VALID outside source, which strengthens your own theory.

Works Cited & In-text Citations: Completed using MLA formatting

Optional but recommended: Incorporation of your Walking Dictionary Mastery Words correctly and naturally

Deadlines*: Rough Draft (Printed): March 30th; Second Draft (Printed): April 1st; Final Draft (Submitted via Google Classroom) – Euro LIT & HISTORY: April 5th

*May vary for peer reviewing in European History

Launchpads for research – surface level, useful for growing understanding:

Primary Documents – deeper level, useful as evidence for bolstering your argument: