The HUSKIES Legacy Project

Hokkaido International School

Legacy Bradbury

The HUSKIES Legacy Project

Assignment: Create a digital portfolio template to be used by future-generation HUSKIES structured on the HIS HUSKIES.

Assignment Requirements: A complete HUSKIES Legacy Project shell website with the following pages (**Note: some pages will be shells, while some must be filled with content):

  1. Home Page: Used to provide a student intro & to provide purpose for the HUSKIES Legacy Project
    1. A 400-500-word self-introduction, including your experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and future aspirations
    2. A 100-200-word statement of purpose, clearly adding value to the portfolio, the HUSKIES Legacy Project, and your experience at HIS
  2. Seven Pages for EACH  of the beginning HUSKIES stem statements (e.g. “Honest Learners and Leaders who…”, “Understanding Collaborators who…”, etc…)
    1. These pages should list and link to the ending stems for each starting stem (e.g. For “H” you have the following:
      1. manage their lives with integrity
      2. make ethical and moral choices
      3. are self-motivated and self-directed
      4. transfer knowledge and skills to real-life situations
  3. 27 Pages for EACH of the ending stems for HUSKIES, nested in drop-down menus below the corresponding letter or beginning stem (e.g. “H” or “Honest Learners & Leaders”, etc…). Each of these pages should be structured as follows:
    1. HUSKIES Intro (what this HUSKIES subpoint means to you – 200-300 words)
    2. Anecdotal Evidence (everyday life example – 200-300 words)
    3. Artifact of Learning (a concrete example of applying this HUSKIES subpoint – from essay to created video or screencast to recorded example of work in the community)
    4. Reflection (300-500 word reflection showing how your everyday life example and artifact of learning serve as evidence towards your completion – meeting expectations – of this subpoint)
  4. One Page for your EIR work
    1. This page should be divided by high school years, as a place to house EIR credits (e.g. “Grade 9”, “Grade 10”, “Grade 11”, and “Grade 12”)

Aesthetic Requirements: 

  1. Husky Logo is prominently used on site
  2. Green color (Hexadecimal code: #1ea33a) is used prominently on site

Group Requirements: Groups of two or three will work to create one sample shell portfolio, with the structure above.

  1. Written site purpose – on home page
  2. Shell Portfolio is complete – no pages missing
  3. Shell Portfolio meets Aesthetic requirements

Individual Requirements: 

  1. Written Intro – on home page
  2. Two completed ending stem pages with the four requirements above completed

Grading: 100 points total: 50 points for group work (completion) & 50 points for individual work (10 for intro, based on conventions & 20 points for each ending stem page, based on the informative writing rubric)

Stem Pages will be graded, as a whole, using the following rubric (only relevant points): Informative Writing CCSS Rubric

Deadline: 3/18 @ noon

Sample Shell:

Above Sample Template Name (you can search for it in Templates in Google Sites): “HUSKIES Legacy”